means tray in Turkish, is a sculptural shelving unit that can perform multiple functions, as storage/display, mid-room partition – and tea or coffee service. Two parallel panels of contrasting color can be wall-mounted or stand alone. These backboards provide slots for discrete shelves, thermoformed from LG Hi-Macs acrylic, that can be moved to different locations in the panel or removed for separate use as a serving tray.


Kids love big cushions to play with. Adults want design that fits into their lives and their living rooms. Kale is both.
An elegant design solution for adults as well as a playground of soft building blocks for children, this sofa is based on the age-old tradition of fort-building.
Kale is an oversize toy that doesn’t have to be hidden away when playtime is over and a piece of furniture enjoyed by the whole family, bringing the generations together.


Instead of stuffing your helmets, jacket and gloves into the closet or throwing them onto a chair when you arrive home, use them as a part of your interior decoration.
Made of steel, Kaskas arrives packed flat and can be bent into shape by its owner along the lines of its perforations.
With bike paraphernalia hung on it, gloves and helmet parody the shape of a hunter’s stuffed trophy head – without harming any animals..

Housework: Design Domesticated
New York Design Week 2009

16 – 24 May 2009
Mavi Flagship Store
832 Broadway (between West 12th and West 13th Streets)
New York, NY 10003

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